Traffic management options for a post-lockdown world

07 Apr 2021

The world has changed and it’s not going to be changing back anytime soon. 

While parts of the economy might be gradually opening up again after our third national lockdown (third time has to be a charm, right?) it’s going to be a very tentative opening that has to be handled the right way. 

Otherwise, we could end up right back in lockdown by the end of summer and nobody in their right mind wants that.

While some supermarkets, pubs, and restaurants across the country have already mastered the art of wayfinding, many setups still leave a lot to be desired. 

Could some form of traffic management be the best option for those looking to open up again this summer? 

Let’s go over a few of the more affordable options. Because you want to dip your toes first before diving right in.

Queueing systems

If there is one thing British people are good at - it’s waiting in line. But that doesn’t mean customers are not going to get frustrated if they are left to wait in an unclear queue where they don’t feel comfortable or safe. 

An LED queuing system can be used to take a lot of the guesswork out of waiting and will hopefully make customers feel more relaxed and as if they are actually achieving something by waiting.

Traffic light systems

When it comes to controlled access to shops there are several options to consider besides employing a doorman to awkwardly let people in and out while keeping track of how many people are in-store at any one time. 

Traffic light management systems operate exactly as you would expect - red for stop, yellow for wait and green for go.  

It’s a universal system that everybody innately understands and these systems can be easily installed in your establishment to control a flow of traffic. 

They could also be used in vaccine centres to control traffic, with options available for even more simple red or green lights to visualise when a testing or vaccine station is free or vacant.

Dynamic floor space optimisation

For establishments where floor space is at a premium, we appreciate this might not be an option. 

However, for larger retail spaces, health centres, and warehouses, LED displays can be utilised to dynamically optimise how floor space is being used by both staff and customers. 

Digital signage

Putting the boat out just a little bit further, if you want to direct and entertain your customers at the same time you could use more advanced digital signage to help facilitate a more enjoyable experience. 

Not only can these displays be used to remind people to keep a safe distance from each other and utilise hand washing facilities (hand sanitiser stations are going to be a must for the foreseeable future), but you can also use them to display entertaining videos to those queuing and direct traffic around a location dynamically and flexibly. 

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