Two new Samsung products launched this September!

27 Jul 2014

September 2012 sees the launch of Samsung’s two new commercial use displays – the NL22B and the UD22B. Samsung will showcase the two products at an IFA exhibition in Berlin. Features of the products include: UD22B – 21.6 inch stackable screen, with 1:1 ratio in a 5.5 inch separated panels setting. The NL22B – 22 inch transparent display which fits as part of a cube, inbuilt speakers and video control.

The higher 15% transmittance rate of the new designs will allow companies to fully exploit a digital version of their merchandise by enchancing product images. Both products have been made with luxurious appearance for a truly professional visual experience.

Samsung boasts of the opportunity for users to ‘explore limitless possibilities’ through their 1:1 display innovation. The electronics company, in tune with current emphasis on environmentally friendly technology, developed the UD22B square display to generates less heat and reduce power consumption by more than 30 percent, compared to existing LCD display technology.

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