User expectations for business interaction

29 May 2019

The internet and social media have given businesses an enormous number of avenues through which to interact with potential customers. Never before have we been able to reach our target demographics with such clinical precision. However, the price for this connectivity is that our users have very high expectations when it comes to business interaction.

Websites now have to be impressive to earn a user’s trust and keep them engaged. This expectation has expanded to now cover all interactions with electronic media - including screens. In this post, we take a look at user expectations for business interaction, and how your screens could prove vital.

Display information

Modern users expect a certain clarity of information, and when we see a screen we follow a set pattern to find what we’re looking for. Businesses who fail to follow this pattern online find that their websites often fail to produce the conversions they’re after - and the same goes for using screens in outside spaces or in-store.

A screen should always be offering the user something. This might mean information about the store, an advert for a product they can buy, or entertainment connected to your brand. If you use your screens ineffectively, you’ll find that customers don’t just judge the content but base their perception of your business on it.


Our constant exposure to media content also means that it's harder than ever to actually reach customers on a level where they’re likely to pay attention. Traditional signage isn’t going to cut it when users have seen a slick web presence or a dramatic screen display further down the street.

A screen allows you to show your brand’s staying power, its ability to stay ahead of the curve and communicate with your customers in a way that feels familiar to them. It’s not just about impressing people, it’s about achieving the minimum for what a business should be offering at this level of the market.

If you’re selling high-value products, the way you present your store to customers will tell them a lot about your company and the quality of your products. Good use of screens is imperative, customers expect you to have strong branding. It creates trust, and this is a particularly important quality given that high-end products are typically expensive purchases and users need to feel reassured that their money is well-spent.


In addition, health and safety signage is also expected as a fundamental way to communicate important messages. People want a clear and visible message when it comes to finding emergency exits, assembly points and how to react to a situation.

Clear signage has become a major and expected addition to all kinds of business premises. It can be the difference between safe practice and potential danger. The more seriously you take health and safety, the more professional you appear.

If you’re keen to learn more about user expectations for your business, and how high-quality screens can help you reach them, take a look around our site today. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team.

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