Is my business too small for a video display screen?

11 Aug 2021

Video display

Of course, the short answer here would simply be no, your business probably isn’t too small for an LED video screen. If you’re a sole trader that works from home and doesn’t have any need to advertise your services to the wider world then perhaps this isn’t true. But if your business is customer-focused and has a fixed or flexible location that faces the general public then no matter how small it is, an LED or LCD screen is always going to be a solid investment.

And here are a few reasons why:

Levelling the playing field

Social media and online advertising have all evolved into pay-to-play advertising platforms. Digital signage, however, is only as expensive to set up as the cost of the display and the cost of the electricity needed to run it. You’re also not competing against thousands of other companies.

Ease of use

If you’re after something that’s essentially just “plug and play” then our digital LCD screens can be set up and controlled by just about anyone. You don’t need to have a degree in computer science to set these things up.


What are your business goals? Whatever they might be and whatever kind of business you might be running, an LCD display could be used to help achieve those goals. Perhaps you want to keep your employees engaged? Then you can use the display to run motivational videos for the team. Or maybe you’re a small retail store that is updating its special offers every day? Either way, you’re covered.


Printing brochures and old fashioned paper displays might be cheaper in the short term but once they are printed, that’s it. With an LED video display, if you want to make changes or come up with a new idea, you can make adjustments completely on the fly.

Customer engagement

Customers are much more likely to feel engaged when watching a moving screen. That’s just science. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static alternatives and boast double the audience retention. Not only that but it’s also been proven that message retention is higher when that message is digital. We are, after all, a generation that is constantly glued to our devices.


There are literally hundreds of options to consider when selecting your LED video screen. Do you want something wide or tall? Something fully-featured or basic? Or perhaps you just want a scrolling LED display that uses no images whatsoever? Whatever your need, there will be an option for you. We guarantee it!


We don’t want to sound like broken records here but if you have enough money to pay for static signage then you have enough to pay for digital signage. It’s that simple.

If your small business is in the market for an affordable and practical display solution, please contact us today. With literally hundreds of options and the possibility of completely bespoke systems too, we’re ready to prove there are no businesses too small for our digital display solutions.

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