What were the best OLED Developments in 2014?

28 Dec 2014

Considered a breakthrough year that had those in the sector brimming with confidence, 2014 marked an important milestone certainly for Phillips who moved their Lumiblade OLED to SKU classification (meaning they are now easily available standard lights). Although the OLED part of the lighting industry remains small, it is  moving in the right direction. OLED.com editor Ron Mertens spoke of what he thinks have been most important developments this year and the list included:

LG — attaining a lifetime of 50,000 hours while reaching the 100 lumen/Watt plateau

The rise of the US OLED firms — Kateeva with its ink-jet fabrication advances, and OLEDWorks and Pixelligent for its manufacturing prowess that attracted DOE grant money

Acuity brands putting OLED wares on the shelves of big-box retailer Home Depot (USA retailer)

The ever-expanding list of OLED desk lamps, now comprising at least 10 competing models

Universal Display Corp. — its breakthrough regarding the lifetimes of phosphorescent OLED blue emitters

Konica Minolta — flexible, color-tunable OLED panels, with manufacturing ramped up to 1 million per month.

*List taken from allledlighting.com.

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