Yorkshire Company Develop Bulb with CRI of 97

11 Nov 2014

Research into LEDs seems to popular all over the globe, from the US, to the Far East and in Yorkshire!

Huddersfield start-up company, Well-lit has declared a triumph in developing lights with 97 out of 100 on the CRI (colour rendering index.) Hopefully this development will put pay to consumer protests about the flaws in energy-efficient light bulbs.  The CRI is a measure of the vibrancy of the colour of objects under the light compared to how they look in natural daylight. Typically, the average most energy-efficient lightbulbs on the market that give a ‘warm’ finish have a CRI have a rating of about 80. Global market leader Philips usually rate a CRI of 80 as good and of 90 as excellent.

Chris Stimson, Well-Lit’s MD and founder, asserts that producing a warm-coloured light bulb that matches the performance of a traditional light builds is “the holy grail of the LED world” and the company has sold 300 of the new light bulbs in just four weeks since the product release, despite selling at a price of up to 40% more expensive than its nearest competitors.

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