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27 Jun 2014

Boom predicted in LED market Asia-Pacific.

A new market forecast of the global consumption of LED use in professional displays and signage has been released by researcher ElectroniCast, who predict that future ‘consumption value will increase with rising quantity growth largely…
27 Jun 2014

50 years since invention of LED

The LED celebrates 50 years in existence this month. Dr Nick Holonyak Jr invented the first visible LED during his time working as a scientist at American multinational company GEC. Today aged 83, the inventor…
27 Jun 2014

Predicted Changes in LED markets for 2014.

With a current market value of over twelve billion dollars and an ever increasing demand from the mobile technology sector as well as for traditional LED lighting applications, business community network CIOL reveals the major…
10 May 2014

LED innovation to aid sleep!

With sleep experts blaming smart phones, tablets and other devices among the reasons why people are not getting enough sleep, technology has redeemed itself a little with the invention of an LED sleep aid named…
23 Dec 2013

Seasonal LED Displays

Four of the loveliest festive LED displays images from around the globe.