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04 Nov 2013

New Technology – Li-fi via LED light.

New Technology – Li-fi’ via LED light. Emerging technology ‘Li-fi’ could see specialised LED lights bulbs providing low-cost wireless internet connectivity almost everywhere, say UK researchers. A joint venture project by three top Scottish Universities…
14 Apr 2012

Nokia Lumia Launch, LED Extravaganza.

Nokia launched its Lumia 900 mobile phone in Time Square on 8th April, with an LED spectacle!  Technicians reportedly spent over 5 thousands hours setting up what was to be one of the world’s largest…
20 Dec 2011

LED display Christmas tree at Time Square, New York

TDK and Toshiba have created a great big Christmas tree scene using only LED displays in Times Square at New York on one times square building. They’ve created a digital image of a 40 m…