I have a LAN sign, how do I set this up?

This is easier to do than most people think, so long as your network uses DHCP.  If you’re not sure, your network administrator will be able to advise you.

Here’s a quick guide to getting you up and running:

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the sign and to the network. Once connected, power on the sign.  Note: this won’t work if you connect the sign to the network after you power it on!
  2. Use the supplied XPORT tool to find the sign, the tool will report back the IP address of the sign, an example of an IP address is - yours will probably have different numbers. Make a note of this number.
  3. Go to the settings and communication page in the PC software, select TCP and type the number in, then press connect.
  4. Close the settings page, and send messages to the sign, simple!

Using the XPORT tool you can also set the sign to be Static IP, choose the IP address carefully as it must be on the same subnet as the PC software.  If in doubt, talk to your IT people - they will need to reserve the Static IP address anyway.

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