Benefits of Our Displays

Spectra's LED Displays are a flexible and effective way of communicating your message. Discover how they can benefit your business:

Ease of use

  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Change the message quickly and easily to attract the attention of people passing by
  • Messages can quickly and easily be read
  • Programming is easy with our professionally designed software (FREE with all displays)
  • Schedule messages to reach your target audience at the right time


  • You'll find our displays in doctors surgeries, dentists surgeries, schools, colleges, universities, retail outlets, bus stations, rail stations, cinemas, offices, conference centres, hotels, car dealerships, leisure centres, restaurants, cafés etc.
  • Convey your message while remaining green; schedule automatic power on/off times
  • Combine a mix of advertising and information; mix in information such as news and weather


  • LED Displays are the most cost effective form of advertising (source:
  • Harnesses the visual power of the digital age
  • Deliversdynamic and relevant messages
  • Scroll to show more information than a traditional message board of a similar size
  • ​Change your message in real-time so you can personalise the message for your target audience
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition with tailor-made adverts
  • Personalise your message whilst achieving a mass broadcast
  • Get your message across to targeted audiences in almost any location
  • Enhance your corporate image; any language, logo or font supported by Microsoft can be shown.