Text Height & Viewing Distance

Before you can even begin evaluating and choosing displays for your digital signage, it's important to determine some basic facts about your planned application and environment.

Quick guide to viewing distance

Viewing distance is critical when deciding on a display and this simle formula helps determine the best size of characters.

  • Character height in mm multiplied by 0.4 gives the clear readable viewing distance in metres.
  • Character height in mm multiplied by 0.6 gives the maximum viewing distance in metres.

So, for example, your viewing distance is 30m. You can see from the diagram that a character height of 53mm has a maximum viewing distance of 32m (53 x 0.6 = 31.8).

So in theory this size would be suitable but some people would potentially struggle to see the display at 30m (remember eyesight varies from person to person).

For this distance, a better character height would be 76mm which is clearly readable up to 30m (76 x 0.4 = 30.4).

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LED Viewing Distances