Cables, Interfaces and Accessories

We provide a wide range of robust, high-quality accessories and interfaces to ensure you get the best out of your LED signs and displays.

From Display Accessories, Brackets, Cables, Frames and Wall Mounts, we’re here for all your installation, interfacing and mounting needs.

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USB Memory Stick
2GB USB Memory Stick
£6.00 ex VAT
Spectra Mains to C5 cable
C5 Mains Lead
£4.00 ex VAT
Spectra RJ45 Patch Cable
CAT5E Patch Cable
£4.00 ex VAT
Spectra HDMI to DVI-D Cable
HDMI to DVI-D Cable 1.8m
£14.00 ex VAT
Spectra Mains to IEC cable
IEC Mains Lead
£4.00 ex VAT
Spectra RJ11 Serial Data Cable
RJ11 Cable
£10.00 ex VAT
Spectra RJ11 Splitter
RJ11 Splitter
£3.00 ex VAT
Spectra RJ11 to D type connector
RJ11 To RS232 Connection
£8.00 ex VAT
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