Outdoor LED Displays

Explore our dazzling range of weatherproof outdoor LED displays.

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Spectra LED Sign Installation Team
Installation Service
Outdoor LED Sign
Message Displays 2 Line, 1-2 Line Outdoor LED 2048mm
Outdoor LED Sign
Outdoor LED Signs, 1-2 Line Outdoor LED 3840mm
Spectra RJ11 to D type connector
RJ11 To RS232 Connection
£8.00 ex VAT
RJ11 LED Sign Cable Adaptor
RJ11 To RS485 Connection
£8.00 ex VAT
Spectra USB to RS232 adaptor
USB to RS232 Adaptor
£14.00 ex VAT
USB to RS232 Serial Adaptor
USB to RS232 Adaptor (DB9 DB25)
£18.00 ex VAT
Spectra USB to RS485 adaptor
USB to RS485 Adaptor
£14.00 ex VAT
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