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1-4 Line Outdoor LED Sign 320x3840mm

Premium X is the latest addition to our range of full-colour outdoor message displays. Incorporating the very latest, leading-edge colour LED modules to bring you the best of the best in digital signage. Choose Premium X and you'll also benefit from thermostatically controlled heaters and our most recent, super-fast processor.

Whatever the viewing distance measurements for your display, we can advise you on the best character heights to get your business noticed in the most effective way possible.

SKU: X10-O-32x384

Product Overview

Outdoor LED Display Features


Technical Information

Dimension 320mm x 3840mm
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Weight 73.6Kg Approx
LED Colour Full Colour
Communications Interface RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB, Wireless LAN
Characters Per Line 1 line of 24 characters (big font), 2 lines of 42 characters (medium font), 3 or 4 lines of 64 characters (smaller font)

Spectra Displays