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Shhh Quiet Zone Sound Activated Sign

Our state-of-the-art Sound Activated Displays are perfect for use in factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs, to keep your staff and colleagues safe by indicating when hearing protection must be worn.

When hearing protection is needed constantly, our signs show when Personal Protective Equipment can be safely removed.  

Spectra's Sound Activated Displays can also be used in quiet locations, such as classrooms, hospitals and libraries. By setting a lower level trigger you can ensure your surroundings remain calm and tranquil.



Product Overview

Installation and Use

Installation of Sound Activated Displays is simple!

Select the trigger level and connect the power supply to the display. When the noise level measured by the microphone reaches this level, the display will illuminate and show the warning.

You can set the display to keep the warning illuminated for 30 seconds after the noise level has fallen back below the trigger level. This removes the sudden on-off indication that traditional noise warning displays often produce and eliminates confusion as to when hearing protection should be worn.
The noise level chosen for the trigger point can be set using the simple level selection at the back of the display.

Remote Displays

Up to three remote displays can be controlled by a master display. The displays are daisy chained together with 10 metre cables so that an area of up to 30 metres can be covered.

Key Features


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