1-2 Line Outdoor LED Sign 256x1024mm

1-2 Line Outdoor LED Sign 256x1024mm

Premium X is the latest addition to our range of full colour outdoor message displays. Incorporating the very latest, leading-edge colour LED modules to bring you the best of the best in digital signage. Choose Premium X and you'll also benefit from thermostatically controlled heaters and our most recent, super-fast processor.

Whatever the viewing distance measurements for your display, we can advise you on the best character heights to get your business noticed in the most effective way possible.


SKU: X16-O-16x64

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Spectra has a whole host of LED Displays and Signs to suit your requirements; check out the rest of our LED Display Signs.

Get yourself noticed with Spectra's outdoor two line displays. You won't find a more vibrant or versatile range. All our stylish, unobtrusive housing boasts an incredible array of leading-edge LED technology  for maximum impact as well as ease of use.  Whatever your business requirements, we can help you choose the right product for your business.

Outdoor LED Display Features

  • Store and display up to 99 different messages
  • Align the text left, centre or right
  • Show international symbols
  • Display the time and date or a count down/count up clock
  • Set the display power on/off times
  • Specify the message reveal method - Auto (Random), Flash, Hold (Static), Interlock, Roll Down, Roll Up, Roll In, Roll Out, Roll Left, Roll Right, Rotate, Slide, Snow, Sparkle, Spray, Starburst, Switch, Twinkle, Wipe Down, Wipe Up, Wipe In, Wipe Out, Wipe Left, Wipe Right
  • Set the message scroll and reveal method speed
  • Set the message pause time
  • Set the message display start/stop times
  • Create and modify the display fonts
  • Import and display bitmap images
  • Show the current temperature in celcius or fahrenheit (additional sensor required)
  • Automatic brightness control (additional sensor required)
  • Mains powered
  • Thermostatically controlled heater built-in (to increase the display working life)
  • Suspension or wall mounted (brackets supplied)


  • A 2 line display will show either 1 line or 2 lines of text and a 4 line display will show either 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines or 4 lines of text. For example, model X10-O-16x96 will show 2 lines of 70mm high characters or 1 line of 150mm high characters.
  • Characters are formed using a variable pitch font, so the exact number of characters visible per line depends upon the exact text shown. The typical number of characters per line is based on the standard font, using a smaller font will increase the number of characters per line and using a larger font will decrease the number of characters per line
  • The larger the characters are the further away you can read them, so think about the distance of your target audience from the display. For viewing distances, please look at our viewing distance page
Item Description
Dimension 256mm x 1024mm
Pixel Pitch 16mm
Weight 15.7Kg Approx
LED Colour Full Colour
Communications Interface RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB, Wireless LAN
Characters Per Line 1 line of 7 characters (big font), 2 lines of 10 characters (smaller font)

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