1-2 Line Outdoor Sign

1-2 Line Outdoor Sign

Spectra's outdoor two line displays are among the brightest and most versatile around, with a stylish unobtrusive housing and vibrant LEDs to give the greatest impact to your message.  The displays have many programmable fonts and text heights.  This model is in ultra-bright Yellow LED colours.


SKU: HXE07-W-16x80-UBY-E

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Two Line Indoor LED Display, available in ultrabright Yellow LED colour with numerous communications options.

Display Features

  • Store up to 99 messages
  • Schedule programs for week, hour or minute.
  • Align the text left, centre or right
  • Display international symbols
  • Show the time and date
  • Use the display as a countdown clock
  • Program the display on/off times
  • Choose the message reveal method
  • Select the message moving speed
  • Set the message stop time
  • Programmable message on/off times
  • Create bitmap images to be displayed
  • Many reveal effects for text and graphics, such as scroll, flash, hold, twinkle etc
  • Supplied with pdf manual
  • Communications protocol document available on request


Item Description
LED Colour Ultra-Bright Yellow
Typical Characters Per Line 14
Maximum Character Height (approx) 120mm
Maximum Lines of Text that can be shown 2
Dimensions (approx) 230 x 720 x 110mm (approx)
Communications Ethernet
Fonts Variable font sizes
Real time clock & calendar Yes
Low Power Consumption Yes

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