1 to 2 Line Indoor LED Display 120 x 410mm

1 to 2 Line Indoor LED Display 120 x 410mm

Spectra's indoor two line displays are among the brightest and most versatile around, with stylish unobtrusive housing and vibrant LEDs to give the greatest impact to your message. With many programmable fonts and text heights, our products serve a multitude of applications and are effortless to use. Choose yours in standard brighness or ultra-bright LED colours.

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Spectra has a whole host of LED Displays and Signs to suit your requirements; check out the rest of our

Our indoor LED Display is available in a variety of different colours. With a mulitude of communications options, getting your business noticed has never been so quick, simple or convenient.

Display Features

  • Store up to 255 programs
  • 1.5 megabyte program memory
  • Schedule programs for week, hour or minute.
  • Up to 10 windows per program with simultaneous reveal methods and content.
  • Transparentcy options for overlaying windows for different effects
  • Align text left, centre or right
  • Show time and date
  • Use the display as a countdown clock
  • Program the display on/off times
  • Choose the message reveal method
  • Select the reveal method speed
  • Set the message pause time once revealed
  • Programmable message on/off times
  • Create bitmap images 
  • More than 60 effects for text and graphics, such as snow fall, mosaic, scroll etc
  • Supplied with pdf manual
  • Communications protocol document available on request
  • Communication options include RS485 (standard), RS232, USB Memory Stick, Ethernet and WiFi.

Delivery: We can get stock items to you within 2-3 working days. When items are not in stock, typically 4-5 weeks.

Item Description
Dimensions 120 x 410 x 34mm (HH x WW x DD)
Pixel Pitch 4.75mm
Typical Characters Per Line 13
Maximum Character Height (Approx) 76mm
Maximum Lines of Text that can be shown 2
Communications USB (cable), RS232, RS485, Ethernet
Long Life Greater than 10 years
Fonts Variable font sizes
Text and graphic capability Yes
Supplied with Communications cable, Power leads, Mounting eyelets, PC programming software, PDF Manual
LED Colours available See colour options below
Real time clock & calendar Yes
Low Power Consumption Yes
Weight (approx) 2.5Kg