100mm Digit Numeric Process Signal Displays

100mm Digit Numeric Process Signal Displays

Large format meter with 4 or 6 digits and 100 mm digit height, for reading up to 50 meters for industrial applications. To measure process signals in mA and Vdc. Versatile and configurable instrument. Provides excitation voltage to power-up the sensor. Front keypad for easy access to the configuration menu and connection for remote keypad. Two universal high and low power supply options for AC and DC. Optional output and control modules for relay output, transistor output, SSR control, analog output retransmission and communications for Modbus RTU and RS-485 ASCII protocols. Sturdy metallic housing with full IP65 protection, for panel mount, wall mount or hanging mount.

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Digits 4 or 6
Reading 9999 / -1999
Decimal point configurable
Led color red or green
Digit height 100 mm
Type of digit 7 segment
Angle of vision 120º

Input signal

Signal ranges 4/20 mA, 0/10 Vdc, ±20 mA, ±10 Vdc, ...
Excitation voltage +20 Vdc, +15 Vdc, +10 Vdc, +5 Vdc (max. 35 mA)
Accuracy 0.05% F.S. ±1 digit
Offset drift 10 ppm/ºC
Span drift* 25 ppm/ºC
*span drift value includes offset drift
Readings 15 readings / second
Refresh 15 refresh / second
Response time <120 mSec. (0 % to 99 % signal)
Input impedance 11 Ohm in mA, 932 KOhm in Vdc
Signal wire diameter max. 0.5 mm2

Outputs and configuration

Output and control options relays, analog output, serial communications, ...
Configuration 3 button front keypad (connection for remote keypad)


Power ‘H’ 85 to 265 Vac and 120 to 370 Vdc (isolated 2500 Vac)
Power ‘L’ 11 to 36 Vdc (isolated 1500 Vdc)
Consumption <5.25 W (meter only)
<6.75 W (meter with options)
Power wire diameter max. 2.5 mm2


Housing metallic (textured black painted steel)
Front filter methacrylate
IP protection full IP65 housing
Connections cable gland output
internal plug-in screw terminals
Weight <2500 grams
Mounting panel, wall, hanging
Front size 4 Digit - 542 x 166 mm, 6 Digit - 740 x 166 mm
Panel cut-out 4 Digit - 524 x 148 mm, 6 Digit - 722 x 148 mm
Deep 80 mm (including terminals)
Operating temperature 0 to 50 ºC
Storage temperature -20 to 70 ºC

Item Description
Power Input 85-265VAC, 11-36VDC
Dimensions - 4 Digits 542 x 166 x 80 mm. (WW x HH x DD)
Dimensions - 6 Digits 740 x 166 x 80 mm. (WW x HH x DD)