Cloud BT-1FW - Bluetooth Wireless Audio Module

Cloud BT-1FW - Bluetooth Wireless Audio Module

The BT-1FB is a remote wall-mounting input module for use with Cloud products fitted with an RJ45 Facility Port. The BT-1FB enables compatible portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to stream audio wirelessly to the interface, and thereinto the audio system of the Zone where the interface is installed.

The BT-1FB is exceptionally simple to install; the rear RJ45 connector is wired to one of the host unit’s Facility Ports with a single screened Cat 5 cable using standard shielded RJ45 connectors at each end. The Cat 5 cable carries DC power as well as balanced audio.

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The BT-1FB will route a mono sum (L+R) of the streamed audio to the host unit and is compatible with the following Cloud products which are fitted with RJ45 Facility Ports;

  • Z4MK4 & Z8MK4 Zone Mixers
  • Z4MK3 & Z8MK3 Zone Mixers
  • 46-120, 46-120 and 46-120MEDIA Zone Mixing Amplifiers
  • MA40F, MA40T and MA40E Mini Amplifiers
  • MA80FT and MA80E Mini Amplifiers
  • 46-80 and 46-80T Zone Mixing Amplifiers