Dual Alternate Flashing Indicator (wig-wag)

Dual Alternate Flashing Indicator (wig-wag)

Simple, but incredibly effective, our fixed text signs enable you communicate symbols and words in the easiest and safest way possible. These are no-fuss solutions that anyone can maintain and update. Perfect for traffic lights, warning signs and a host of other uses. 

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Spectra has a whole host of LED Displays and Signs to suit your requirements; check out the rest of our Industrial LED Displays.

This “wig-wag” display is ideal for alerting to potential hazards. 24V DC, 115V AC and 230V AC models are available. All units are enclosed in a UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing (200mm x 150mm x 80mm). Operation is by way of simply applying power to the relevant terminals.

The display has alternate and concurrent flashing modes.