mA, mV, V, RTD & TC Signal Conditioner

mA, mV, V, RTD & TC Signal Conditioner

Spectra offers a wide range of signal converters and conditioners that represent excellent value for money with high specifications at a low cost. There are many models to choose from with many features and options and all are ideal for cost effective applications in demanding industrial environments.

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In its basic form the Tracker 321 is a data acquisition "front end" with a universal input, sensor / loop excitation outputs and serial RS485 interface.

The measured value, after scaling to engineering units, linearisation (e.g. for thermocouple measurement) and any other mathematical functions required, is available via the electrically isolated serial interface.

For signal conditioning the analogue output option is fitted. The conditioned measured value is constantly re-transmitted as an electrically isolated, scaled analogue signal.

A logic expansion module provides 2 configurable logic inputs and up to 4 relays or TTL outputs.

Key Features:

  • Low cost
  • Universal input for mA, mV, V, thermocouples and RTDs
  • 10V and 24V sensor excitation

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Item Description
Input Ranges 0-20mA, 4-20mA
0-100mV, 0-10V, ±100mV, ±10V
Thermocouple types J, K, T, N, B, S, R, E, U, L, M(Ni/NiMo), G(W), D(W3)
2 or 3 wire RTD Pt100, Pt130, Ni100
Maths Functions 18 point user linearisation, square root, TARE, ZERO, MAX / MIN
Sensor Excitation 10V DC (regulated) @ 35mA, 24V DC (nominal) @ 35mA
Logic Expansion Module Optional, 2 configurable logic inputs and up to 4 relays or TTL outputs
Analogue Output Optional, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Serial Communications RS485 - Modbus RTU, Modbus Floating Point, DTPI (ASCII)
Height 99.5mm
Width 22.5mm
Depth 116mm (117.9mm when mounted on DIN rail TS35 / TS35D)
Power 90-230V AC or 24V AC/DC
Weight 190 grams

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