Why LCD and LED displays get through to customers

20 Feb 2019

The British retail environment is struggling more and more with each passing year - the latest figures make for grim reading. The high street is struggling to match the prices and convenience found online and are slashing prices and closing down stores in an effort to compete.

Although most brick and mortar businesses now have an online presence, they still need a way of communicating the benefits of their products to foot traffic passing the store. One of the best ways to get through to potential customers is with a high-quality LCD or LED display. Find out more about the benefits below.

Big and bright

With Christmas now well and truly behind us, the shorter hours of daylight and bleaker weather means fewer people are venturing outside to go shopping. The ones that do are waiting to have their attention drawn by something special. It’s a period where the intensity of sunlight falls so low people may begin to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder - also known as seasonal depresion), so a bright LCD screen will have a marked effect on high-street shoppers.

For businesses like travel agents, for instance, being able to show off a trip to a far-flung beach on a wintry high street in England is deeply effective. Much of advertising is about being able to contrast a situation without a product to that with the product; shoppers in heavy coats and hats will be able to visualise the outcome of owning the product or using the service. But it isn’t just travel - the same effect can be achieved for all sorts of retail outlets.

Once inside

British retail could learn a thing or two from a bombastic displays, like the one found in a H&M in Kuwait. Using a mixture of LCD and LED displays, the clothing giant has turned its store into a feast for the senses. Writing for Inavate, Paul Milligan describes the store’s incredible visual investment:

“Videowalls consisting of LED tiles or giant LCD panels are central to this project, and can be seen wherever you are on either floor.  One the ground floor there is a 2m x 3m LED videowall on the store’s façade, a 3m x 6m LED videowall by the ground floor staircase, and a 10.5m x 2m LED videowall by a cashpoint in the women’s section. On the first floor there is an 2m x 3m LED videowall on the store’s façade, a 3.5m x 2m LED videowall beside a cashpoint in the men’s section, a 7.5m x 2m LED videowall by the cashpoint in the children’s section and the children’s cinema screen is made up of LED tiles (2m x 3m).”

Rather than seeing physical retail stores as the old-fashioned cousin to online vendors, it’s imperative that British stores take advantage of customers inside the store. A visit to a store has to be turned into a dynamic and exciting experience in of itself.

Using LCD and LED displays, a retailer can use digital marketing in the same way they might online. Marketers can also employ a synergistic approach to grab a customer’s attention online and in real life by using the same materials, whether that’s a specific advert or a particularly enticing series of deals.

If you want to learn more about how to rejuvenate your retail space for the post-internet high street, get in touch today to find out how to use LCD and LED to reach your customers and beat your sales targets.

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