LED displays: Placement vs size

19 Dec 2018

Choosing to invest in LED screens is a proven method of increasing sales. Your business will greatly benefit from being able to communicate a seamless brand identity through the adaptive medium of an LED screen. However, the challenge of size and placement then arises. Where to position your screen for maximum impact? What size of screen would be appropriate for your product? These are decisions which can mean the difference between taking full advantage of LED screen technology and not getting value for money. In this post, we take a look on how to answer the difficult question of size vs. placement.

Bigger isn’t always better

Just because you’ve invested in the largest screen possible doesn’t automatically mean that your brand will have more impact. It may even have the opposite effect in some circumstances. Your message will determine the size of screen you need, not the other way around. If you’re trying to communicate a lot of information, for instance, it would probably be more beneficial to spread it across several smaller screens. By making the information ‘bitesize’, your target consumers are more likely to absorb it.

Additionally, a screen that’s too big will rob you of interactivity. Several major retail stores have used this to great effect, encouraging consumers to enjoy their shopping activities using screens. Writing for Econsultancy, Graham Charlton recalls the efforts of clothing giant Burberry:

“Burberry’s flagship London store aims to bring some of the web experience to the high street, featuring mirrors that double as video screens and staff armed with iPads. Other clever tricks include the use of radio-frequency identification technology (RFID), which triggers related catwalk footage when some products are taken into a fitting room, or near a video screen.”

Business location and footfall

Like your message, the location of your store will also have a major influence on the type of screen you choose, and where you place it. There are obvious issues of space too, especially if you’re selling a larger product. Audi’s digital showroom idea is a superb use of LED screens to sell a product that won’t fit in a smaller location. It’s a scheme that’s likely to catch on in a number of places, considering sales went up 60% within the space of a year following the installation.

Another example would be that of airport stores, where consumers are actually passengers, walking past the business at pace. The key in this case is to grab their attention and slow them down, which might mean a series of screens placed in a direct line across the front of the store. This means your message can follow them for as long as they’re walking past, rather than trying to catch their attention with one screen. Also, by using different marketing material for each screen, you have a greater chance that one of the screens will catch the eye of a passing customer.

Spectra’s LED display screens may offer the perfect delivery device in this regard. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out more.

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